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body's innate self-healing forces,dis-ease,illnessThe aim of allied health and natural medicine therapists is to assist your body’s innate self-healing forces and mechanisms by stimulating sensors, relaxing muscles, realigning postural deviations, removing energy flow blockages caused by stressors and shortened musculature. We have different applications to arrive at the end goal of minimizing chronically manifested pain, showing you how to manage chronic pain and perhaps reduce or remove it, depending on how long it was given time to manifest and build. At HealthBack our methods to re-balance the body are remedial massage therapy, Dorn spinal therapy, reflexology and Breuss spinal stretch massage which all work towards the same goal:

Our bodies want to heal. They fight for us every day. During sleep there is great housekeeping done in our bodies, starting from nourishing and supplying body cells to renew to detoxing and eliminating wastes from overworked organs and structures so that the immune system can meet the new day at full strength. It is a never-rending battle and sometimes, actually most of the time we do not help our body enough to manage the enormous task. We are exposed to stressors of many kinds, starting from the nutrients (or the lack thereof) that we put into our bodies, to chemicals, to radiation and additives, preservatives, antibiotics, viruses, rare metals and so much more. body's innate self-healing forces,dis-ease,illness

When the stressors become so overwhelmingly many and the body gets no more downtime, then we can safely assume and we will feel that we steer towards the “dis-ease” state of our body. Again, if we do not relieve our body’s from this state of “dis-ease” and we keep pushing through and pushing forward relentlessly and without any out-time, then we can expect a predictable state of illness to get hold of our body. This is when it gets dire – when we suddenly stop and listen to our body, because we have to, we now have an illness. The state of illness is far more grave than at the outset when we were at a state ofdis-ease!  We now can no longer function without pain killers, medication, medical treatment or operation. body's innate self-healing forces,dis-ease,illness

Pains, aches, immobility, non-functionality of organs, headaches & migraine, heartache, lack of circulation, muscle tightness and tension, muscle guarding and painful postural deviations, nervous disorders and spasms, fatigue and low energy levels. The longer we let it all build up, the longer we watch without actively doing something to help our bodies get on top of the game again, the worse the end result and the longer and harder the process to revert chronic manifestations.

Receiving remedial massage therapy for release of tension and stress and increased circulation and Qi flow, assisting your body’s innate self-healing forces and averting a progression into dis-ease or illness.