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Strengthening your immune system,mindfully reduce stress levels,reduce your stress through awareness REDUCE YOUR STRESS THROUGH AWARENESS

Stress is our worst enemy. Being able to mindfully reduce stress levels can greatly help reduce hypertension, depression and anxiety, burnout and insomnia. Stress reduction will allow your body’s immunity to strengthen leaving you stronger and healthier and with an increased feeling and outlook of wellness and positivism.

Training to be more present and aware will help reduce our high levels of stress.

Awareness training will result in

– Achieving a calm and relaxed state

– Reduction of your stress and anxiety levels

– Improving your quality of sleep

– Increasing your ability to concentrate and memory performance

– Strengthening your immune system

Diseases such as hypertension, insomnia, burnout, depression and anxiety can be significantly reduced by awareness training!


Strengthening your immune system,mindfully reduce stress levels,reduce your stress through awareness Easy done you say? You will see that you really need to concentrate to remember to do them! Our mind acts like an unruly child and tends to run away from us. It fills our heads with the million things we need to remember, the million more we need to do. There are targets to be fulfilled, appointments to be kept, there are never enough of hours in the day it seems……

Try to do the following exercises daily:

+  When you wake up in the morning, stretch and sit upright in your bed for several minutes. Listen into your body and take note of all arising feelings and emotions.

+ Do this more often during the day. Scan how you’re feeling. Are you comfortable? Are you warm? Are you cold? Do you feel tension anywhere in your body?

+ Fully concentrate on what it is you are doing at present: brushing teeth, combing your hair, taking a shower, eating…..don’t let you thoughts run away elsewhere. Just focus on what you are doing. If thoughts come, direct them gently back to the activity you are doing.

+ Eat with awareness. Experience the food you eat. Feel the texture on your tongue, the taste, the feeling it gives you.

+ Stop at least once a day to fully focus on THE moment, regardless of what remains to be done and still achieved. Just feel the here, the now……

+ Take time to concentrate on your breath at least once or twice during the day. Feel the breath when you inhale and when you exhale. Allow yourself to observe your breath and its gentle flow.

+ Before you fall asleep, try to remember the moments of awareness you had during the day and how it felt. The rising to the new day, your comfort level during day, your activities your concentrated on, the food you ate and the beautiful flow of breath…..