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Neck Shoulder Massage

Head, neck shoulder massage to remove upper thoracic tension. Exercises to improve the correct the firing of the shoulder girdle muscles, i.e. improve the gleno-humeral rhythm. Deep tissue massage and trigger point massage therapy addresses deep seated tension. Certain lifestyle choices and stress factors of physical or mental nature can cause blockages in our body systems.

Blockages  can be caused by guarded or shortened muscles,  by mis-alignments in body posture, by adrenal fatigue or over-stimulation of our nervous system. Shortened or guarded muscles try to prevent injury to the body. Shortened muscles cannot contract and are muscles lacking in strength. This can lead to further postural body changes, to insufficient blood circulation and to lack of nourishment of body tissue cells.

Headaches – Migraines

headaches,migraines,tension in the muscles of the neck and jawThere are multiple factors that can cause headache: disorders of the blood vessels of the brain, neuralgia, caused by disorders of nerves in the head, head injuries, conditions that affect the skull, increased pressure in the brain, infections affecting the ears, sinuses, mouth or the membrane that surrounds the brain. (more…)