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Access Conscious® Bars

Heightened levels of consciousness for greater level of awareness
consciousness, totally aware,your whole life can change

Gain ability to awaken to more choice and more life

consciousness, totally aware,your whole life can change

Access Conscious® Bars

Access is a set of tools and processes that are designed to facilitate more consciousness for everyone.  Consciousness includes everything without judgement.  It is the willingness and capacity to be totally aware, totally present in all areas of your life.  Consciousness is the ability to continually awaken to more possibility, more choice and more life.

Bars are the 32 points on the head.  These are gently touched, effortlessly and easily released anything that doesn’t allow you to receive.  It’s like hitting the delete button on your computer.  All of the thoughts, feelings and emotions that keep you stuck, that keep you repeating the same patterns in your life over and over again, are released.

People have used the Access Conscious® Bars to change many aspects of their body and their life some include …

Sleep, Health and Weight, Money, Sex and Relationships, Anxiety and Stress, Hopes and Dreams

At worst, you will feel like you have just had one phenomenal massage.  At best your whole life can change into something greater with total ease.


All treatments are by appointment only. You can email us your booking request or book yourself on your preferred date.

To schedule a treatment now click here:

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All bookings have a 12 hour booking cancellation policy. Please be fair and cancel well ahead if you cannot keep an appointment.
Thank you 🙂


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