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headaches,migraines,tension in the muscles of the neck and jawThere are multiple factors that can cause headache: disorders of the blood vessels of the brain, neuralgia, caused by disorders of nerves in the head, head injuries, conditions that affect the skull, increased pressure in the brain, infections affecting the ears, sinuses, mouth or the membrane that surrounds the brain.

Ear disorders involving inflammation (otitis and mastoiditis) may cause headaches on the affected side of the head. Frontal headaches may stem from eye disorders (glaucoma, eye strain, iritis) and sinusitis of the frontal sinuses in particular, may cause a severe headache at the front of the head (cold, hay fever). Chronic toothache also may cause headaches besides the local pain.

headaches,migraines,tension in the muscles of the neck and jawThe most common causes of a headaches is tension in the muscles of the neck and jaw, migraine which may be accompanied by nausea and vomiting. Headaches can be caused when the blood vessels of the brain are affected by generalized infections such as influenza or by external factors, such as drinking too much alcohol, excessive smoking or inhalation of chemicals or drugs and by stress.

Over the counter medications are usually effective in removing the pain of normal headaches although these only remove the symptoms but rarely address the cause. Persisting headaches, extremely severe headaches or those associated with neurological changes such as localized weakness, altered vision or loss of sensation necessitate immediate consultation of a doctor.

Receiving remedial massage therapy for release of tension and stress and increased circulation and Qi flow, checking for leg-length difference, correction of any misalignment of the pelvis and the spinal vertebrae can address adverse symptoms and their causes on multiple levels of the functions of the human body systems.