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History - Dieter Dorn (1938 - 2011)

Dorn Spinal Therapy

Dieter Dorn, a sawmill farmer from the South of Germany suffered from a bad lumbago after lifting a heavy log…

Dieter Dorn (1938 – 2011)

dieter dorn, dorn method, dorn spinal therapyAlmost three decades ago, Dieter Dorn incurred a back injury when working in his saw mill plant and trying to lift a heavy log. The resulting lumbago (sciatic pain) was very painful and stopped him from continuing his work and livelihood. He tried various conventional treatments but to no avail. Desperate to get healthy and fully functional again he followed the advice of friends to see a local healer. Sceptical at first, he did go and see this old farmer in one of the neighbouring villages. The old farmer was known to heal back problems of this kind in a painless and effective way.

Dieter Dorn became witness of the workings of the healer: just a light push of a thumb and some simple movements. Feeling instant betterment, Dieter was very impressed with this simple and quick treatment. He became pain free and was able to move freely and return to his work at the saw mill. When he asked the farmer if he could teach him this healing method, the farmer answered him: “You don’t need to learn it – you just have to do it.” After few months this old farmer died without passing this method on to Dieter Dorn. Dieter Dorn had to work the method out himself and he developed the DORN METHOD as we know it today.

Dieter Dorn applied the Dorn Method on his first patient, his wife who was suffering from chronic headaches for over 20 years. Drawing from memories of his own treatment by the healer, Dieter Dorn worked on her spine. Every treatment eased the headache episodes and after a few treatments disappeared entirely and never to return! After that Dieter Dorn treated neighbours, friends and colleagues. Word of mouth of his work and the good results of his treatment brought people from near and far to see him for help with back pain. Also, more and more people from the medical field attended his seminars. Today physiotherapists, massage therapists, chiropractors and even doctors are among the thousands of therapists that are offering the Dorn method as part of their service to their patients not only in Germany but all over the world.

Dieter Dorn has passed away 19 January 2011. He will be missed by many and gratefully remembered by many more. May his valuable contribution to mankind continue to live through all those many hands who have learnt and will continue to learn this wonderful and effective healing method.

What makes a therapy into a healing method?

1. Explanation of the cause of most spinal and joint problems ( so as to avoid future mistakes)
2. An effective and safe therapy in co-operation with the client (based on the laws of nature)
3. Explanation of Self Help Exercises for patient ‘after care’ (necessary to prevent and maintain)


(By Thomas Zudrell, MD(AM), Dorn Method Specialist and Seminar Lecturer [] )


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