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dorn spinal therapy, leg length difference, improve body postureEven leg length is the basis for a healthy spine. The pelvis and the hips are the foundation of the spine. If this foundation is misaligned, then the spine can only correct this through side movements of the vertebrae.

After birth, about 98% of people have even leg length. From an age of 5 years on, however, findings show that 95% of persons show leg length difference. The cause for this is a subluxation of the hip joint. Subluxation occurs due to overstretching of ligaments and muscles in this area caused by wrong sitting habits, long car driving and inappropriate sports.

dorn spinal therapy, leg length difference,correct body postureWith the Dorn spinal therapy many back problems can be reverted back to normal just alone by balancing the pelvic area to correct body posture. Years of practical experience with the Dorn spinal therapy have shown that correct alignment of pelvis areas like the Os sacrum and Ala ossis ilii is so crucial as this enables the spine to align itself correctly in the vertical direction. Working on the leg length and the pelvis area is often enough to see the spine adjust itself back into the correct vertical direction, a natural expression, without the necessity to do anything further to it.

Receiving Dorn Spinal therapy for release of tension and stress and increased circulation and Qi flow, checking for leg length difference, correction of body posture and any misalignment of the pelvis and the spinal vertebrae can address adverse symptoms and their causes on multiple levels of the functions of the human body systems.