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Breuss Spinal Stretch Treatment

Deeply relaxing - nourishing for spinal disks
breuss spinal stretch massage,nourishing intervertebral spinal disks,st john's wort healing oil

A very gentle massage relaxing the back muscles and nourishing spinal disks with St John’s Wort oil

Breuss Spinal Stretch Massage

What is Breuss Spinal Stretch Massage?

The Breuss Spinal Stretch therapy by Rudolf Breuss (1899-1990), is one of the most gentle spinal mobilisation techniques available. Breuss Spinal Stretch massagge is a very effective way to relieve muscular tension and sciatic pain in the back. Calming and soothing, the effects of the Breuss Spinal Stretch therapy are equal to those of a healthy full night’s sleep. The stretching of the spine in combination with the use of natural healing oil (Hypericum or St Johns Wort), allows the spinal discs to absorb this fluid, just like a sponge absorbs water. The Breuss Spinal Stretch therapy is a very gentle and effective back therapy in its own right. It is for its specific properties and benefits however, that the Breuss Spinal Stretch therapy will always be part of any Dorn Spinal Therapy treatment also. Time required to effectively apply this therapy is only about 30 minutes but can easily be longer on request.

What happens in a Breuss Spinal Stretch Massage treatment?

The Breuss Spinal Stretch massage will be applied on the neck to sacrum body area, so basically the back. You lie on your stomach with neck and head straight. Your spine is exposed for full access. We test your sensitivity with a pain test along your spine to establish if there any tender areas which require us to be particularly gentle. We then start to stretch the spine with gentle but firm strokes of the hand flat along the spine at first with very little or no oil in order to achieve more friction and therefore more stretching effect. This is followed by long, relaxing and extending interim stretches along the spine. The following strokes, which are also called pincer grip, stretch the spine even further. The strokes are started in the middle of the spine then the hands move up and downwards.Again, we follow up with long, relaxing and extending interim stretches along the whole spine. We now apply the healing St John’s Wort and repeat our work along the spineous processes up and down your spine for a lengthening, warming, nourishing and healing effect. The St John’s Wort healing oil gets readily absorbed, nourishing intervertebral spinal disks.  Another generous application of the healing oil and the use of special Japanese silk paper in combination with long firm strokes we encourage the body to warm and for the discs to absorb the oil. We clear negative energies and blockages. This makes it easier for the oil to penetrate through the skin and for your spine to absorb the healing oil. Next part of the healing is the magnetizing (channeling the flow of life force/chi/prana). To finish off you will receive further soothing strokes up and down your spine.

In the opinion of many who have received and enjoyed the benefits of this massage, The Breuss Spinal Stretch massage is one of the nicest massage techniques ever developed and its results are remarkable.


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