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Reflexology Treatment

Stimulate body systems and organs to self-heal
reflexology,A reflexology treatment can be likened to a whole body remedial massage treatment,zone therapy

Reflexology is a gentle healing approach that encourages  an inherently natural tendency of the body: self-healing

zone therapy,A reflexology treatment can be likened to a whole body remedial massage treatment,zone therapy

Reflexology – gentle and ancient holistic art

Reflexology dates back a very long time………this gentle healing technique finds its origins in ancient Egyptian and Chinese healing practices. It can be traced back as far as 2500 B.C.  The ancient art of energy balancing, or zone therapy can be followed back to the Egyptians and it is this zone therapy that built the basis for reflexology as we know it today. Our contemporary Reflexology is a scientific healing art where, as the name indicates, specific reflex points on  feet, hands, face or ears are compressed. These reflex points correlate to certain body areas or organs in the body associated to these reflex points.

How does Reflexology work?

When a specific reflex point on the feet, the hands, the face or the ears gets pressed, a sensory body messenger sends the message to the corresponding body part or organ. The stimulated body part reacts, tension gets released, toxins get removed, cell nourishment gets increased: the body starts healing!

A reflexology treatment can be likened to a whole body remedial massage treatment as our feet are ‘a mirror of our body and its organs’ as Eunice Ingham (1879 – 1974), developer of the science of contemporary Reflexology states.

Reflexology works on the body on multiple levels. Healing touch releases enkephalins and endorphins which promote feelings of well-being, strengthen the immune and hormone systems of the body.

By applying pressure on reflex points,  stimuli are received by nerve receptors of our nervous system. Stimuli to the body are processed by pathways to the Central Nervous System and will result in an appropriate corrective re-action via pathways back to our body parts and body organs.

Reflexology is revitalising for the body, helps improve circulation, waste elimination and detoxification and stimulates the body’s own defense mechanisms. Blockages get removed, tension is relieved and weaknesses get addressed through stimulation and  the body gets encouraged to take remedial action.

The human body is a work of perfection. It continuously strives to keep a balance. When performing Reflexology it is almost like running through a check-list with the body’s assistants to check where imbalances are hiding. When compressing reflex points the reaction is involuntary and cannot be concealed. The body can easily read the results through its fine and intricate sensory system and will take all necessary steps to encourage a healing process where required.

What to expect from a reflexology treatment?

Reflexology creates a change in your body. Excess tension gets removed, blood circulation and cell nutrition gets enhanced which will enable the body to return to a state of health and well-being. Tension which has been held in the body for a long period of time will have resulted in blockages that restrict full blood flow and cell nutrition caused by cristalline deposits or acid deposits in body cells.

To help the body back to harmony – a natural tendency and constant effort of our body – will leave you feeling full of energy and life force.


All treatments are by appointment only. You can email us your booking request or book yourself on your preferred date.

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