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immune system and allergies,improved immunity,lymphatic system The immune system is the defense of your body against foreign, harmful invaders. There is an constant array of attackers attempting to “conquer” your body such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites. Our immune system works around the clock, and not only one organ is involved in this process but a formidable lineup of body defense systems such as skin and mucous membranes, bone marrow, thymus, lymph nodes and spleen, tonsils and intestines.

immune system and allergies,improved immunity,lymphatic system How it all works together

All of the immune system organs work together in unison: Skin and mucous membranes create the first line of defense. If they cannot stop the intruders, the white blood cells take over. They float freely in our bloodstream like a health police. If an infection occurs, they are quickly on the spot and destroy everything that is foreign or harmful to the body. If even this defense is not enough, specialized killer cells stemming from the bone marrow come into force. They are directed specifically against certain pathogens, they have acquired their defense code of fighting whilst growing and developing in the thymus gland.

It’s an allergy

We talk of an allergy when we see a malfunction of the immune system: It does not distinguish correctly between “good” and “evil”. It shows an exaggerated defense response against normally harmless foreign substances (like pollen for instance). Since skin and mucous membranes form the first barrier, eyes and respiratory tracts are often affected first. No one is really sure why allergies are on the increase in our day and age.  One reason could be overly strict hygiene protocols, often containing many antibacterial substances: In earlier days, man has eaten less refined and and paid less attention to body and living area hygiene. There are opinions that our immune systems are under-challenged, therefore overreacting to any substance as a potentially harmful foreign intruder.

This is how we can strengthen our immune system

Body hygiene & body movement:

  • Thorough hand hygiene protects skin and mucous membranes against pathogens.
  • Yoga and meditation have shown to positively affect the immune system.
  • Moderate sports, walking and remedial massage therapy also get the lymphatic system going helping to eliminate foreign substances and toxic waste.


You can accelerate the function of your lymphatic system by drinking plenty of pure drinking water. Eat plenty of fruit: Vitamin C is an important assistant for the immunity of your body because it helps accelerate white blood cells. Eat plenty of vegetables: broccoli, kale, carrots, tomatoes, chicory, cabbage, garlic, mushrooms, spinach. All red, yellow-orange and dark green vegetables stimulate the production of white blood cells. Try to reduce any overweight. Studies show that bodies of overweight people have more difficulty in fending off colds and infections.

Massage therapy assists your body to get improved immunity by increasing circulation and therefore supply of oxygen and nutrition to the body cells and organs. It also stimulates and accelerates the lymphatic system and helps with faster elimination of waste, toxins and foreign bodies, hence the detoxification of the body. Your body will bounce back faster, feeling re-energized with improved immunity.